Five new pieces have been added to my web site from two of my outings this summer.  Due to the pandemic, I had postponed all of my trips until it was safer to go.  Accompanied by my wife Paula in June, we drove to New Mexico to visit Bisti Badlands and the Valley of Dreams which we had visited several times before.  They are both amazingly scenic remote locations and most people have never heard of them.  They are a vast area of white, grey, black, red, and purple sands, rock, and ash that have eroded leaving strange and unique landforms.  These places are so peculiar that after being immersed in them for several hours at night I feel like I’m on some other planet.  The piece for this blog is entitled Enchanted and it is from the Valley of Dreams.

I also made another trip to Bryce Canyon National Park and the surrounding area in Utah.  My goal was to spend some time on the lesser travelled trails deeper in the canyon to find some new and spectacular scenery.  It was a lot of fun hiking on steep and long trails and I wasn’t disappointed.  Parts of these trails have steep drop offs and I felt more immersed in the scenery walking beside vertical walls and tall pinnacles hundreds of feet tall. 

To see all of the new photos, click on this link: https://lightpaintingjeffmaresh.com/deserts/